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Barrow Road - Bachmann Peaks



Back front holiday and I find a set of Ultrascale wheels for my second Bachmann Peak has arrived. I had forgotten all about the order intended for my proposed conversion of split head code 'D95' to D13 with 'corridor connection doors.


This conversion was inspired by a photo purchased from Rail Photoprints of D13 passing the side of the shed on 2B93 the 10.49am local infill turn from Bath Green Park to Temple Meads.



I decided to take a break from the shed and spent a few pleasant hours cutting out a suitable 'hole' at both ends of the body and fabricating a set corridor doors out of layers of 30thou plasticard. Adding the wheel conversion and a spot of weathering and I have my second Peak to add to D41.






1N70 is the 10.40 Newcastle.




I also have a Heljan class 14 awaiting conversion and thanks to the Captain { thanks Tim} I was prompted to place an order with Ultrascale late on wednesday [23.00 to be precise] and was most surprised to receive a package early this morning - now shall I...........

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Guest jim s-w




I dont know if you know already but Shawplan do the lifting brackets for Peaks.


Keep up the good work





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