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2-8-2 Visits Summat Colliery on Test



OK, I admit it, I played with the 2-8-2 for a lot of the day at Trains4U and it behaved itself quite well. Stuggled over the "hump" that appeared at one baseboard joint and proved that 14 wheel pickup isn't necessarily enough :blink:


Lots of questions from customers about what/why etc it has been modelled. Anyway here's a few pics


blogentry-6717-071496900 1284365266_thumb.jpg


blogentry-6717-078194000 1284365287_thumb.jpg


blogentry-6717-071723200 1284365316_thumb.jpg


So now it's on with the bodyshell detailing. I bought some brass tube to fabricate the counterbalance spring for the RHS weighshaft bracket and some 10 thou' evergreen sheet to do the cab doors/fall plate etc - more to follow!

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well done redgate! looking realy good there! looks a bit like a rebuilt crosti without the defectors on!

which is another hint that im doing soon another rebuilt crosti but not with normal tender so will have some pics of that soon!

anyway good luck with the rest of the build can`t wait to see it in paint!

cheers ian.

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