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Pipework and Valves Finished



well, for now at least.


All the main components are in place and plumbed up :D


blogentry-6717-065369100 1287583453_thumb.jpg


blogentry-6717-073408800 1287583469_thumb.jpg


Handrails and the regulator linkages next then it's probably deflectors.


The chassis needs revisiting as the lubricator supports are still missing and I'd like to add the sandbox filler tubes and possible a sandbox or two between the frames - all fixed to the boiler lower. I've plenty of exhaust steam pipe left to add a representation of it emerging from between the frames up to the running plate before it then drops to the injector.


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What a glorious muddle of BR standard pipework. Really does add a certain something to it. :)




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Sad thing is I know what most of them are for! - it helps to know what goes where and why in my mind at least :lol:

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Looks very good.

Speaking from experience here, check that the pipework under the cab doesn't prevent the trailing truck from moving freely on your tightest curve. :blush:



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That looks really good - must have been very difficult to do. I like the period where BR steam locos weren't afraid to show a pipe here and there :)

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