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fence posts and a bottle kiln

Steve with the Hat


A small entry today showing our latest projects,


Originally budget had meant as much of the layout as possible needed to be scratchbuilt from freely available materials. While progressing with my modelling I now realise this approach is part of the hobby I enjoy immensely and I will try to finish the whole thing without buying one sheet of embossed plasticard!


We are getting on towards adding small details and tidying everything up to a higher standard. With that in mind I decided to see if I could bash up a fence with concrete posts. A strip of mountboard was cut to the correct lengths, s then hardened with CA glue. Once dry the post end was carved, stuck to a drawing pin and 4 tiny holes drilled. A spool of 4lb line (from the bargain bin at the tackle shop) was then cut to length and 4 strands passed through the posts. The line is glued at both end posts and given a coat of rusty acrylic. The bases will need some scenic camouflage and the paint on the wire touching up now its in place but overall quite pleased for ??1 outlay and an evenings work.










Did we take a moment to see how the fence could be improved? Of course not! Enthusiasm drove us onto the next project - A bottle kiln for the still undeveloped corner of the layout. I have spent quite a while drinking various bottled beers and ciders in the sole hope of finding one that looked like a bottle kiln. The otherday I found some Aspells which seemed to match our needs.


A coating of pva papier mache and then a good thickness of DAS was rolled out and applied to the bottle former with more pva. We are now at the sanding stage to give a nice smooth finish before the brick scribing begins.




so thats about it for now, more updates on the kiln to follow,


heres a shot of our goods shed while you wait :)



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