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Buckland Hard - Frames

Coombe Barton


Buckland Hard - Frames


The frames that I've managed to rescue appear to be beech - but they're quite light, but well seasoned and strong. The layout is divided into two 3ft by 15inch boards, each with integral backscene, sidewall and top.


blogentry-5402-061864100 1292715806_thumb.png


This is a schematic of the left hand frame, the right hand one being nearly a mirror image. Because of the nature of the wood and the position in the house, on permanent display, the framing wood will be waxed and polished rather than painted. Lighting will be behind the front of the frame at the top.


There will be a front on to keep the dust off when not in use, acrylic glazed, so that it should look like a cabinet. Ply baseboard top, ply backscene patternmakers dowels for alignment and I should have somewhere to run. Control is planned to be beneath the bridge at the right hand end.


I have yet to determine the mechanical linkages necessary between the two boards for the wire in tube to cross to control the release and double slip, but electrics will all be taken across the join via plug and socket rather than trying to rely on sprung contacts.


On top of the ply I’m using Depron foam secured with Copydex and then the track with double sided tape. As the track is all inset there will be no visible ballast, just carefully cut cobbles from Scalescenes.


The exact layout of the track will be after I’ve built it, but the full sized plan I’ve drawn makes this less of a problem – just now to build it.



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