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Saltney, and about time too!.

Jon Fitness


Well, here we go. It’s been ages since the last update, and quite frankly I’ve lost track of what’s been done since the last one. I’ve attached a little gallery as a bit of a “catch-upâ€


but far more pics are available at




Things we’ve done that come to mind (not necessarily in date order!) are..


1. New roof on the loco shed. It dated from Talacre days and was a bit …flat. Smoke hoods will be fitted once a simple way of making so many of them has been found.


2. The L&Y signal cabin has been installed at Astley Bridge.


3. Extra lead off the turntable. Needed more space for Steve’s expanding loco collection…


4. Saltney Ferry station has a covered footbridge. Sort of LNW style, fitted with lights and a nice little feature entrance.


5. LNW style coal hole on the loco shed head-shunt. A large cast concrete buffer stop by it is a test piece for Steve’s (pat pending) method of representing a weathered concrete surface.


6. 80% of signals are now servo operated, all new ones fitted will be servo’d.


7. All of Astley Bridge’s track is now ballasted.


8. Major backscene project is now underway up at Upper Mill station and the approaches to it.


9. An ex Talacre signalbox is now on a gantry over the tracks at Upper Mill


10. In build at the moment is an L&Y style canopy and wooden platform buildings for Astley Bridge (no pics yet, sorry).


We’ve also gained a few locos and had lots of visiting ones out to stretch their wheels.



I was thinking of stopping the blog and going over to a thread as I found the format very clunky and awkward to use, and a bit weird to view as well. Since the format has been tidied up and is now in a list form, I’ll carry on a bit longer and give it a chance.


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