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Too much time on my hands?



You decide...

Just messed around with a few pics in Photoshop. Nowhere near professional standard but kept me off the streets....





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Dear Fellow Modeller,

I came across this site and your various entries by accident and was pleasantly surprised to find that I was not the only N gauge modeller engaged in building a model of Kingsbridge. It seems that you are much further advanced than I am. I am still carving up sheets of plywood to make the baseboards. Kingsbridge is a very attractive prototype but is surprisingly difficult to model as the trackplan follows quite a sharp curve and the country end has both an underbridge and an embankment. I have just spent a fortune on Peco curved points!

The station buildings are also difficult as they were extended in the 1920s in a different style to the original.

Sadly the station building was recently demolished. If you look at googlestreet you can see this in progress. When I visited the site a couple of weeks ago there was just a pile of stones.

The Kingsbridge museum is worth a look. They have the plans to the signal box on display and can provide some photos. Kidderminster Railway Museum are also worth contacting.

I have now built most of the buildings for the layout. The site today is very forlorn. Only the goods shed is left.

I will continue to read your entries with interest.

Kind regards


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