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First and Last.

Jon Fitness


First and Last


Well… this is the first blog entry of 2011 and will also be the last, as for various reasons I will shortly be starting a Saltney thread.


Steve has got stuck in with the upper level station details and is using all sorts of bits and pieces of printed brickwork and ex Talacre structures to see what works. Some may stay in place and some may be swapped for better bits.


An old ex Talacre signalbox has been put on a gantry over the tracks (due to the usual space constraints) and awaits steps, walkways and bog extention.


The view up and down the high level station area is starting to get “something†about it now.


Steve’s also hand painted a “Beecham’s Pills†advert on the end of the houses by the GW Junction.


A visiting retired Ex Chester loco driver just mentioned about the surviving house end Beechams adverts by Shotton Station and Steve obliged!







I’ve now finished the ballasting at Astley Bridge and am now cracking on with an L&Y style canopy. The framework is from 80 thou square plastic strip and the etched brass valance is from D&S. I think it was etched for “Inkerman Street†and was left over as there was only 4 bits available!

The rest was the nearest match I could find which was Slaters MR valance (plastic!)







The stanchions and brackets are L&Y style whitemetal ones from Skytrex. There’s still loads to do on it but I’ve done a couple of “trial fittings†to see how its going to look.


Don’t worry, the pegs won’t be a permanent fixture!

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Guest Digital


Great progress Jon. The "Beechams Pills" looks superb.



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