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Calshot - Sand, sea and Silflor




Just a quick update for tonight, but as always I've added some photos to make it a bit more interesting. laugh.gif


Today I had the chance to work on the layout and I managed to get some quite visible results. Firstly I have been adding more Silflor grass tufts all around the layout. I really am fond of this product and against the hanging basket liner it looks like a much more realistic product.


I have also been adding sand to the layout in quite large quantities. This was all brought about by looking at an aerial photo of the spit back in about 1952 - the main thing that I hadn't really included on the layout is the copious amount of sand. This has been something of a saviour because it had really improved the look of the layout, particularly so at the back.


Finally, I have been adding a couple more layers of glue onto the sea to try and improve its depth. However this is not working as I had planned and I am not happy with it at the moment. The paintwork is terrible underneath the glue but I hoped the glue would hide it a bit and go a bit cloudy.



Apologies for the various bits of glue still drying. Anyway, onwards with the photos:



















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Personally I think hanging basket liner, or carpet underlay, looks as good as silflor, and is considerably cheaper, you just need to invest the time in preparing it before painting by trimming to length, shaping etc.


The greenery looks a little sparse at the moment too, if you were to add some flock or similar to other areas for a bit more variation then I think it would improve the look.


Hope you don't mind the constructive criticism.

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Not at all - I'd much rather encourage constructive criticism!

I think I was a bit rash in saying that hanging basket liner is not as good as Silflor. Put it this way, I'm not convinced I'm shaping it right and I certainly have never painted it before!


I agree with your point about the sparse nature of the greenery. I'll have to bury deep into my box and see if I have any flocks left - I can't remember if I used it all up on the last layout. laugh.gif There definitely needs to be some low level greenery on the layout.


Thanks Tom smile.gif

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looking good. I knew there would be room for a pair of wings somewhere....well nearly, tailplane will do!




seriously it is looking pretty good.



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Re my earlier post about blowing up the hanger. I discovered when reading about the film (The Battle of Britain) that they did not have building consent to demolish it as it was part listed. Now that would have been an interesting conversation with the town planners....

Well it was the Germans you see... the raid was running 20 years late...honest..


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