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Saturday paint bench

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well believe it or not, but I did get some more done today, amazing.


There are signifcant and varying detail in the 2 variants of Quad/limbers/25 lbs I have. The Gramodel is alot finer, but the gun is lacking, whereas the Pithead is a bit rough in places, but the gun has more prescene. I really like the shovel and drag ropes molded onto the gun sheild. Considering they will be sitting on some warflats, they won't be static long enough for the rivet counters to .............


They still need some more touching up, hopefully tomorrow. Maybe I might get lucky and Oxford diecast will bring them out in N :( . Whilst had the airbrush out, I put a second coat on some bauxite wagons and...


I had a go at doing the lining for my VR B Class. Even with carefully application of tamiya masking tape, I still managed to get some bleeding. Windows still need a clean-up, and next it will be the decals.

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Looks like you did have a good airbrushing session there.


I see you are like me and find it impossible not to write your name with the airbrush!


Missy :)

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