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Distracted? Moi?!



Nah... laugh.gif


OK, maybe just a little bit then:




P.S. That is my first attempt using watercolours so apologies if it isn't very good!


I know Ian J. wanted to model this station, but it is only a mile down the road, and, well, just look at it!

Part of me really wants to build this, but the other part says I don't have enough room and I need to finish Calshot first.


And in case you are wondering how this all came about there are a couple reasons:


Firstly, progress on Calshot has stalled and I don't have any impetus at the moment

Secondly, HandscombMP's project of building Downton station has had me rummaging through a S&DJR book (the other S&DJR that is).


Jam (now in quandary!) wink.gif

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I can vouch for having multiple projects being a good and bad thing! Good - there's always one modelling job you want to pick up, but bad as slowly both project slow down and you pick up a third, then a fourth...... I'm onto 4 and counting (Paxton Road OO, Rose Hill P4, Meadow Lane P4 and now EJ&KLR G45)!

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