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The Big Push Begins...



I have set myself the aim of exhibiting Kingsbridge this year. I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing. Here's the job list I think it needs to be OK (not finished!)

  • Complete station board, including the major buildings and structures. I might ignore a few secondary buildings if I run short of time
  • Get the second loco converted to DCC with a digihat
  • Complete the third scenic board
  • Complete wiring of boards.
  • build a control panel- stud and probe for now
  • get backscenes printed
  • build a cassette fiddle yard
  • do at least some of the fencing
  • ensure there is enouch stock to run a timetable and write it
  • Fit DG couplings to both engines and some of the stock, probably just the B-sets and split the wagons into cuts of 3-4 for basic shunting.
  • Fit and wire the electro magnets in the yard.
  • build some bloody legs!
  • Build lighting rig
  • finish second flight case
  • test run at least 2 full opperating sessions

Do you think this is possible by June/July? Is there anything on the above list that I could ditch and what would be top priority, after finishing station and wiring.

This is the "ready" bit, minus photographic backscene.


I will get pics of the reallt unfinished bits this week.


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Well you could forget the timetable and just work on a sequence.

If is N gauge you should be able to source stock. I suggest you need at least 4 trains or you will go barmy operating it. An autocoach and 14xx is ideal to just have something to run when couplings start playing up or a major point is sticking. Or youv'e had to rope in a novice to operate while you dash to the loo. ( i had a steam railmotor)

I think the rest you should aim at. Whether or not you can do it depends on your circumstances, how tolerant your partner is and what spare time you have. Best of luck.


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Lists are never a good thing!


It makes it look daunting (then you loose enthusiasm)


I say just try to work through things logically, i.e. get all the track stuck down, wire it all together, build buildings.....etc


Missy :)

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Obviously if you want a working layout to show the most important things are to get the track down and wired, with operating pointwork. I think testing this should be the priority.

As for the other things that need doing, I occasionally like to see layouts under construction at shows. These models can show beginners the basics of layout construction and act as a focus for questions on your construction methods. Some good layouts have been exhibited in this way, Bath Green Park being one of them. If you have a helper at the show, it could also allow you to do some further modelling as a demo.


Keep up the excellent work and I look forward to seeing the layout in the flesh at some time as I know Kingsbridge quite well.


All the best



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Thanks for the tips, I am starting the track today. I love Bath Green Park, my dad did his thesis on it whilst it was a ruin and the model he made was in our house when I was young. I also used to drive past it every day when we lived there.

Stock wise I have 2 b sets, about 20 goods wagon, 1 siphon G, and 2 Prairie tanks.

Does anyone know of a Siphon C in N, as I have been unable to find one so far and they are an important part of the local traffic. The G is a bit big for the branch really but its all you can get in RTR.

On the opperating front, a sequence sounds like a good bet, that way I have flexibility. I have about 9-12hrs per week for "big" constuction, usually in the workshop and if I am lucky, the same again for little work that fits on the kitchen table. That said I just ordered a load of new wargames miniatures from Westwind productions "Secrets of the Third Reich" game (rampaging Russian were-bears anyone?)

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I'm enjoying watching your layout develop and good luck to you with the planned exhibiting - I've 'assisted' at a couple so far and have found them to be great fun :) (I was told the secret was something to do with Red Bull & Jelly Babies - but I think somewhere along the route we may have got confused with what to do with them... :P )


Does anyone know of a Siphon C in N, as I have been unable to find one so far and they are an important part of the local traffic. The G is a bit big for the branch really but its all you can get in RTR.


There is a Siphon C etched kit by Scale Link; I have one and although I've not built it yet, it is very detailed. A caution though, my etch was sightly distorted so this is something to watch out for. It may have been a one-off (my fault for getting side-tracked and not flagging it up to Shirescenes) and it wont stop me form making and using it.


One other thought; unless you intend to 'reverse' the running directions of your stock (particularly the loco's) I've found that with the DG couplings, it is better to only put the loop on one end. This makes the auto-uncoupling work a lot more reliably. I've also seen a comment suggesting the inclusion of the steam pipe work above the coupling can prevent the loop lifting to a fully vertical position and getting stuck against the body of the wagon/coach/etc - not tried this but it would appear to make sense.


Anyway, crack on with your 'to-do' list and please keep us updated with lots of pictures



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Its 20 years since I last exhibited so am probably too rusty to offer any sound advice however the comments already made above look extremely valuable.


Whether you choose to work to a list or not (writing 'to do' lists for other people is more satisfying then writing them for ourselves!) I would get the legs/supporting structure up and running fairly quickly as this may give a better understanding of the layout overall and may make it easier to work on.


Kris of Avonwick fame would be good to advise as he achieved a lot in a short time to exhibit his layout only recently and I understand he has another show pretty soon.

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Kris has yet to see the mess layout in the flesh. Thanks again for further advice.

On the coupling front I will be running around the coach stock and shunting wagons, stopping, uncoupling then putting into rakes, then propelling them into the sidings (I hope without de-railing!) Would you suggest DG's with hooks on the locos, then the bar only on the ends of the coaching stock?

With the goods wagons I guess I will have some that are loops only to top and tail the rakes?

Andy, all the ballasted pointwork works and is tested. I have made a start on the rest as promised.

On the structure front I have built the Metcalf goods shed as a stopgap until I can make the real one, as it looks close to the real thing, although not really wide enough. I am scribing DAS clay for the stonework over the card shell. I got the third scenic board undercoated today and am doing the point conversions tonight.

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I did the other way - only have the hooks on the end of the coaching / wagons and keep the locos as simple as possible with the bar only.


That way you can join your freight as you wish as there will hooks on each end.


If you have fixed rakes you might consider some fine chain between them and top and tail in DG's....thats the route I am taking.





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Thanks pete- top tip. I suppose that also keeps the locos looking better as well. I suggested the chain idea to kris a while ago. How do you attach the chain? I assume you remove the rapido completely.

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Must get round to seeing it in the flesh, and must get round to sorting fencing (I do have some posts painted but not drilled). biggrin.gif I have a DCC 14xx and auto coach (GWR) it's quite an easy job to do that conversion.


The backscene nice but not essential for the first time out.

Timetable not needed, make it up on the day dependent on how things are running.

2 running sessions, again nice to have but one would do.


Chain and shunting are two words that don't appear to work very well in 2mm, even when done very slowly on gentle curves you get buffer lock. Chain appears to work okay if you are just hauling though.

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Thanks Kris. I will stick to a semi rigid coupling on the rakes I think, maybe just leave the rapidos unless I finish everything else first. I could do with a 57XX really, as during my time period- 1943-4 there weren't 14xx's on the line as far as I am aware. If I can have 3 locos ready this should cover any reliability issues.

All advice so far has been very much appreciated and duly added to my notes, thanks again all.

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Off the top of my head I can't think of 14xx's on the line at all. Have you got anywhere to exhibit it yet?

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Yep the locos look a lot simpler with just the bar - I would remove the rapidos completely - have a look at this as another option...

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