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3MM: Random thoughts



Well I thought I would put some thoughts down, as I am still thinking about the possibilities of 3mm. I have always wanted to do some L(NE)R based in the Pennines, having seen in RM David Jenkinson's Marthwaite and being bitten by it as I was close-ish to where I grew up. Also having access to Wensleydale Branch made me want to model that too and in the early days I made a very 'loose' interpretation of it in my bedroom on an 8x4 L shaped chipboard layout. Having moved on some what I now think this would be an idea balance of space and style. Thinking about the plan in my first blog I think that might lend its self to my ponderings, and have done some rough artworks and 3D modellings with Sketchup, but until the images issue is sorted here I will post later.


Looking around at the 3mm society website and various others I think some NER stock can be bodged together and I think a period of the wars years would provide the most volume and varied traffic. With some local trip loads and some through bulk freights, along with varied passenger and military transports.


Anyway things a bit frantic at work at moment so probably nothing will germinate until after Christmas, but we'll see and of course there are all the other plans and ruminations to consider.




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Or 014 Logging module, or 5.5mm or WB 750mm Private Line, US New England N or maybe HO and the list goes on...... Yes I know.. :D


OOooh yes its only a couple of weeks now..

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