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V.2 Operation Mirror Image [Part 2]




Last night I altered a few bits on the plan, so just to keep you up to date the plan should appear below:





Now, originally the layout was built to be transported in a small car, however, it doesn't fit! Therefore I have had to use my dad's van which has ample room in both width, length and height. If I was to start this again (which, for the record, I won't wink.gif) I would double-check the room available in the car BEFORE building the layout. (Lesson learnt there I should think laugh.gif) This means I am not really restricted on size unless I am able to get a car that has enough boot space.


Speaking about designing it for transport, here is a possible way of transporting the layout using castors:





It's certainly a possibility that I will look into. The castors are likely to be of the rubber variety because it will stand up to abuse and rough ground much better. It would also provide a smooth ride for the layout. I am worried about having the layout upside down though - I dread to think how much sand will fall off one board and onto the other, probably landing in the points knowing my luck!


Anyway, all I need to do now is persuade dad and reassure myself that it is a good idea!

Anyone with knowledge of transporting layouts safely I would be particularly interested in your thoughts/idea as to how you accomplish such a feat with minimum damage to the layout etc.


Jam smile.gif



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to avoid sand cross-contamination, do the halves have to be stacked face to face?

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