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Yet more plans



Whilst there's been problems with the forum, I've been doing even more planning and thinking, and have come up with yet another plan. The entry into the fiddle-yard for the mainline never looked quite right - it was too far forward, leaving the scenic area in front of the fiddle-yard very narrow. So with a little twist, the plan now bends the other way, with the centre of the layout towards the back, and the edges further forward. I've also worked on the branch and sidings, and am happier with the result, but I think I need to do a little more playing with real track to get them right.


Scenic planning has also been advancing, the orange boxes on the plan represent structures, the right hand side being dominated by 2 rail-served industrial sheds, potentially with a yard in the front right (will have to see things in the flesh to be sure). The left side shows the intent on having dilapidated platforms behind the part still in use (and saves me having to build to many buildings), I think that will work well, with a mixture of old ballast and encroaching scrub between the platforms.


I've also been watching the new Dapol announcements with great interest - I think there'll be a good selection of DMUs available by the time I get round to starting the build (work has been increasing of late, and I've not had a chance to cut any wood yet). Hopefully I'll find a spare day soon when I can get going with the baseboards. Not sure whether to try a ply-wood frame, or stick with softwood. Never done the former, but the latter are getting heavy to move around...


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