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Things what I 'ave bought!




I finally got round to making some purchases! I've been umming and aahing about what I should buy for quite a long time now. After finally having made up my mind I decided to plump for the following:




Acquisition no. 1 Steiermischen Landesbahn diesel shunter VL6 is seen here after having arrived from Germany after a certain lack of motive power on the RAF NG Railway at Calshot. It is surprising to note that it is a brand new engine although it looks like some modifications may have to be made in order for the loco to be used on the line.



Here she is seen on a temporary bit of track on the spit undergoing trials with some old repainted stock. The model is absolutely exquisite - the tiny wiper blades are simply fantastic. I'm sure she will run as good as she looks too.



And with my thumb for scale! (sorry about the orientation of the photo).



Acquisition no. 2 - Seen in the background is a little Pug 0-4-0 dock shunter. Shipped down all the way from 'oop North' we can see her hauling a rather grimy tanker outside the Belfast lattice truss hangar.



Acquisition no. 3 - 'Level crossing hut'. I couldn't resist this little gem of a model! It will be used on the new extension as a guard hut for the RAF.



Acquisition no. 4 - Esso tankers (x3)(weathered). These were another impulse buy! Knowing Fawley was such a big refinery, I guessed I might need a few of these on the Calshot branch. They look the business and are nicely weighted.



A close up of 51235. What a cracker of a model. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this model and I can't wait to see it running on the layout!


Below are some initial 3D visualisations of the new extension:





In the background, the 'holes in the sky' will be covered by trees which will symbol the personnel camp at Eaglehurst (the terminus of the RAF NG railway). There will be a seaplane apron at the front with the sea, beach and perhaps even a couple beach huts visible in the foreground. In the mid area there will be a stream running from left to right with a SG line behind it. A personnel platform will also be provided. I will need to make a new backscene for all this. Oh yes, and the cruncher - I've got until the 30th April. Nothing like a deadline etc etc!...

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Very nice shunter! Should look good on Calshot


I do like the 3D images of the new extension!



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Cheers Simon smile.gif

I'll get some more 3D stuff up once I've finished it. Should look a lot better than those above (hopefully anyway!).

Can't wait to get the layout up and running again so I can try out the locos.



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  • RMweb Gold

Thanks Dominik, I haven't actually seen a photo of the prototype before laugh.gif.

Yes, repainting will definitely have to be done - I'm thinking either grey or green. Locos were usually painted green whereas rolling stock was grey at Calshot, so it will probably be green I'm thinking.

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Yes, repainting will definitely have to be done - I'm thinking either grey or green. Locos were usually painted green whereas rolling stock was grey at Calshot, so it will probably be green I'm thinking.


The loco should look just fine in green, I would think :) . Will you treat it to any further modifications to kind of Anglicize it even further?


The real VL 6 was built in 1959, by the way – perhaps some sort of backdating might make it fit your scenario even better?

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  • RMweb Gold

I was wondering about Anglicizing it... perhaps some kind of rudimentary exhaust. I'll need to look into some UK NG diesel shunters and see what the differences are. I suspect that there is too much glazing on the model, I don't remember many UK examples having glazing on the sides of the cab.


That's interesting about the date of manufacture, for some reason I had assumed it was even later than that! Again, I wonder what I can do to backdate it slightly?

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I'll do some thinking about this as well. Removing the side window glazing sounds like a good starting point – and if you're sufficiently daring, perhaps removing the doors might be a good idea as well. Just to name one idea of my own which just crossed my mind.

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  • RMweb Gold

Ah, now that's a good idea - likewise, I don't remember many UK NG shunters having doors! Seems a shame to cut up such a nice model, but needs must! laugh.gif

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I'm not sure whether I could get myself to do this kind of surgery on just about any model, Jam! :lol: Replacing pantographs as I did on the two 185s is a different kind of thing entirely, in my impression.

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Yes, I am very wary about cutting it up! Especially with such a tiny model. blink.gif

I will have a look at it a little later and see what alterations would be possible.

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