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Anglicizing a German! - Part 1




Now, as you may have noted on my previous blog entry, I've bought a little NG shunter from Liliput.

Today I decided on some surgery to make it look a little more British. I did away with the glazing and chopped off the window frame and gave it an initial coat of green. The paint is still drying in the photos, and it will need at least one more coat.










I have to say this is the finest locomotive I think I have ever bought! The whole thing is designed in a brilliant way - the cab just lifts off (held by two lugs attached on the glazing) and so does the bonnet. The chassis is fitted with a flywheel for smooth running and I think I'm right in saying it even has working lights!

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  • RMweb Gold

Oh I don't know about brave, stupid maybe! laugh.gif

Well I'm pleased with how it is going so far, I'm experimenting making tarpaulin/weatherproof 'curtain' (don't know the technical term) for the cab out of (clean!) toilet roll. It might just work although it will be hard to make it look right.


Oh yes, and further to my blog entry, the lights really do work and the running is simply brilliant biggrin.gif

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That's another word! It's looking good mind... so I'm sure it'll be grand when it's finished. Use a matt varnish to fade the finish before weathering.


I think I'd be sticking with the Austrian prototype though myself... although I'll be sticking with G for now rather than trying HOe.

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  • RMweb Gold

Thanks James smile.gif

Is there any particular brand of matt varnish you use as I have never used it before!

So you don't fancy trying HOe then tongue.gif

Can't blame you, it is a tad fiddly (and that's even with my small fingers).

BTW, your G gauge is looking good! I've been following it quietly up until now. smile.gif

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I use Humbrol but applied 70% varnish 30% white spirit through an airbrush. I wouldn't brush it on as it leaves marks in the finish. A rattle can is ok, but it can go on a bit thick!


Thanks - yes G is getting there. I am slowly building up a small range of stock with an Austrian flavour. Over in Chester this weekend to fell a tree and start on the ground works for the outdoor line. It's certainly a rewarding scale. When you carry the stock to the layout (indoor or outdoor) and it's tucked under your arm rather than in the palm of your hand it makes you feel like a big kid again.

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  • RMweb Gold

Thanks for the info, I don't have an airbrush, but I'll try a rattle can if possible!

I like the idea of being able to carry the G stock under your arm. It reminds me somewhat of when I had Playmobile [sp] as a kid! I guess with such a big scale you can really do some proper embankments made out of real soil, not just polystyrene and plaster bandages! Enjoy working on the outdoor G, it should be good to see it start to come together. cool.gif

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Looking good so far, Jam B) . As I said over on your other entry, I'll be thinking about further ways to Anglicize it.

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I've just used a spray can of Windsor & Newton's "All purpose Matt Varnish", admittedly on to Paper / Card / Ply structure, but I thought the spray was particularly fine.

No axe to grind here, I just happened to see it in a craft shop when looking for something else!

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