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Operation Mirror Image - Day 2!




So, another day is drawing to a close...



...which means I have been busy on the extension!

Well, truth be told it is not just me - it makes sense to use my dad's carpenter skills. Although I did do a bit of the carpentry, he did the vast majority. The turntable doesn't turn (yet!) but we'll be looking into that tomorrow I expect.


Op. M.I. Counter

Time so far today - 3 hours 20mins split as follows:

3hrs - woodwork for the baseboard

20 mins - engine shed alterations

Running total - 4 hours over 2 days








I must admit, I really do like the look of the new baseboard, it's a shame it will all be covered up completely! I have also worked out a way to have a detachable pelmet but I'm still working out how I will be able to create a detachable backscene...


Hope you are enjoying following this quick project so far. Shout if you want to know more about anything or if you have any ideas relevant to the layout at all. Thank you for those who have been adding comments - I appreciate the feedback. On many occasions you have also come up with some interesting ideas that I had never even thought of!

Jam biggrin.gif


P.S Images are clickable for full size versions



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