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Operation Mirror Image - Day 5




Op. M.I. Counter

Time so far today - 3 hours split as follows:

1.5hrs - applying hanging basket liner

1hr - applying vegetation

20mins - spray painting concrete

10mins - forming beach at rear

Running total - 14 hours over 5 days

Today saw another flurry of activity with the continuing warm weather. These next set of images show the work completed. First, HBL was applied to the banks of the river. Then ground cover was applied around the banks and around the engine shed using some Woodlands scenics foam based scatter. I also took this opportunity to add a few tufts from International Models at the front. The roads and aircraft apron were all spray painted to give a concrete feel to them similar to the prototype. Interestingly, the concrete really was the same colour as the Plastikote Suede Tan which is very useful. When using the same product, other modellers often tone it down with a bit of grey aerosol. The beach was also formed at the rear of the extension, but the only problem is that the baseboard was completely flat so I am not convinced by the results. The last photo shows the board at the end of day 2. I have included this to show the two boards together. When I've finished all the messy jobs I will be able to couple the boards up so a more up-to-date photo can be taken. And just whilst I remember, I have ordered some trees for areas in front of where the backscene will go thanks to a suggestion from a couple of RMwebbers. The next area to tackle will be the front of the layout - this will consist of a beach, groynes, sea and a slipway for the seaplanes.














































I'm not sure how to write these blog entries, but I hope the images are enough to help you all get the general idea of what I am trying to accomplish. If there is anything you would like to see more/less off then please either leave a comment or a PM and I will try and focus my efforts accordingly.



So that's 5 days gone - 9 remain!




Recommended Comments

Love the lighting in those first three shots and enjoying your daily news! Shows what I could be achieving if I worked at that pace! Not sure what our plans are yet but if I can get along to see it in the flesh then I will do so.<div><br></div><div>Peter</div>

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  • RMweb Gold

Thanks Peter, like they always say, you can't beat natural lighting!

Well in that case hopefully I will meet you in about 10 days time - here's hoping smile.gif

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Wow! This really is looking very impressive. loving the track inlaid in the road, especially the nice sweeping curved section. Thanks for the overall shot, it's an impressive beast indeed! Does the fiddle yard fit on the end, or is it now self contained?



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Thanks J smile.gif

The fiddle yard is now self contained although I kind of messed up here because it is smaller than the original fiddle yard! At least it won't have to contain any NG trains, just a few standard gauge ones. It should make shunting interesting though! laugh.gif.

The plan below should help to clear things up a bit - in reality there won't be enough room for any train storage where it is marked though rolleyes.gif.



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