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Operation Mirror Image - Days 6 & 7




Just a quick note while I remember: I hope you like the new look of this blog's sidebar



  • Woodgreen Model Show is coming up and will be held in the village hall on 30th April - 2nd May. Calshot will be in attendance so come and have a chat and I hope to see you there!
  • I am now booked to appear at the Four Marks Exhibition on 21/22nd May (run by the scout group)


Using a quick bit of editing, here the pelmet and backscene have been magically attached!

[click for larger image]

I have posted this one as a joint entry for both day 6 and today. This is simply due to not getting enough done yesterday to warrant a new blog entry. However, today has seen a bit more activity. Not as much as previous days but enough - particularly in the heat! Silflor tufts have been applied towards the front of the layout as the next images show. I have two shades of these and I am impressed by just how much they add to the overall appearance of the layout. It does make a suprising difference.


I have also added some security fencing to keep the RAF personnel camp seperate from the main base. This is awaiting it's chainlink fencing (which will be sprayed to tone down the bright white colour). It took me a suprisingly long time to work out where the fencing should go and there were several revisions over the course of the day!


Above: I think you are going to see more shots from this angle! It is certainly very satisfying when you find a camera angle you like.





Above: I really like this little scene. The bright postbox makes a nice contrast to the dull concrete and brickwork. The splashes of green also do wonders.


Above: Just visible in the right hand foreground is the start of the front beach. Eventually this will be carved to form a more pleasant shape and sand will be added on top (I might even go for real sand if I end up at a beach somewhen over the next few days)




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That's looking amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing it in the flesh at the Woodgreen show.


What have you used for grass in the last photo. Some grass scatter stuff?

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Thanks Mike smile.gif

Yep, I was debating what to use for the grass but I went into town and bought some Woodlands Scenics scatter. (Blended turf, green blend). It's not the most realistic, but at 1:76 it is hard to get the correct texture anyway. The taller clumps are the Silflor (from International Models).

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Looking very good mate! Very much like the new banners to the side! (The Modellings very good as well! :P )


The little cutting / stream at the front looks particually effective!



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Thanks Simon smile.gif

The stream hasn't got any water in it as yet, I'll need to look into that this weekend!

It is lined with hanging basket liner to simulate the rough grass banks either side.

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