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Trio or Medley?

Chris Nevard


Here we have a 'trio' (gosh, that's so very BBC Masterchef) of wagons posed on the brewery. Of course I could have used 'medley' instead but that sounds more like a microwave meal.


Ok, to the point, I have a huge collection of second hand wagons that I'm slowly refurbishing. I acquired them about 10 years ago, but they probably date back to the 1970's and 1980's. Most of them I can identify, but these defy me, so I'm turning to you the as ever informed reader.




Wagon 1 (click to enlarge): The sprung plastic suspension would suggest that it might be a Peco 'Wonderful Wagon'. The transfers look like they've been applied to matt paintwork. Tip; always gloss any areas that are going to have waterslide transfers applied (or should I say 'decal', the model makers' version of 'train station') and then apply matt varnish after. I quite like this wagon and if I was a proper modeller I'd replace the ladder with a brass one.



Wagon 2 (click to enlarge): This one is a plastic kit what what would appear to be an LMS 3 plank open (obviously). The beer casks are not part of the wagon.


Wagon (click to enlarge) 3. These delightful of white metal kit built ones defy identification. Do you know who produced them?


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Possibly ABS, Chris- I think they're ex-GWR Mites. Not many wagons with such a short wheelbase (8')that I can think of, the others being some of the BR-built Single-Bolsters and Match wagons, which were probably Mite-derived anyway.


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The top one is a tank wagon, the middle one is a open wagon and the last two are flat wagons.


Missy :P

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The tank wagon does look like the peco **74/* Wonderful Wagon, probably the BP or ESSO one, nice kit of a type of tank variant not yet available rtr?? The 3-plank looks like a Parkside LMS/BR fitted medfit,and is numbered as such, rtr by Mainline originally, now Bachmann.

T'others, I haven't a clue!

Cheers, Peter C.

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Don't thing the barrels would have been loaded like that. There are a couple of photos in Tatlow's LNER wagons that shows barrels loaded on their sides, with sacks full of straw to stop them moving around. These barrels are admittedly much bigger than the ones you have, since there are only 6 in the wagon, so they must have been c. 4'6" high and about 3' in diameter.

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The first wagon is definetely a Peco Wonderfull Wagon, still available if you know where to look. Its probably been repainted as the origainals where, as far as I know, pre-printed. Now someone prove me wrong...



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Ladies and gents! Thanks for you wisdom here - ABS, now that's a blast from the past from my first stage of toy chuff chuff bodging between 79-84 (came back to nerdydom in 2000) :D

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ABS are still around, and producing some useful bits, especially for carrige and wagon modellers. The main drawback to using them is the lack of a web presence; you have to use pen and ink to order...I'm actually building one of their SR Banana vans at the moment.

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Ah, the banana van - a couple of those are also on the refurbish list - white metal?

The main issue is that the previous owner 'weathered' everything using some splatter technique, with the above I've given them a wash of a dull matt gunge (a blend of paint and Carrs) to reduce the effect which can be seen underneath, but now to a lesser degree.


Thanks again B)

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I think wagon 2 is actually the Ratio version of the LMS Medfit - the underframe is the same as that used in the SR vans. The Parkside version uses the same underframe as their original BR vans and is less delicate than the Ratio version.



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