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Cornish Tempation



OK, so I was in Mevagissey last week, so HAD to call at the World of Model Railways with #2 son for an hour or two.


Some Spingside BR Head and tail lamps just jumped off the rack at me




Group 4 for the interested -


Parcels, newspaper, fish, meat, fruit, milk, horsebox, cattle or perishable train composed entirely of vacuum-fitted stock with the vacuum pipe connected to the engine. Express freight, livestock, perishable or ballast train partly vacuum fitted with not less than one-third vacuum braked vehicles connected by vacuum pipe to the engine


Well, it is a mixed traffic engine B)

Gives you a good look at the other details added from the Brit detailing pack too :D

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Really, really nice at the front end. It doesn't scream Brit or 9F to me - it's something else altogether! :)


I think that's possibly due to the marginally shorter smokebox, and the lining out. It certainly has a very good "face" which sits well amongst the other standards.

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