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About bloody time too!




Railex has managed to do what several other shows have singularly failed to do this year, and that is to inspire me enough to get on with this layout. I've also got Chris Nevard to thank, as reading the description of Combwich in the programme sparked a Eureka moment - expanding foam filler!


I'd been wrestling with how I was going to achieve the landscape that I desired, and this, combined with some flue tape (like gaffer tape only much, much stickier) is the answer. I considered blocks of extruded polystyrene, I have some left over from Chittle, but cutting it to the right dimensions and angles seemed like a lot of, messy, work. So, I've set about laying the tape over the areas to be foamed, then covering it in foam. I need to get some more, however, as the small can didn't go as far as I thought it might have.






The foam will be carved to shape with an old kitchen knife. I also managed to pick up the last track components I needed and have now laid all of the sleepers, with the exception of the bay as that is a little close to the area being foamed, and once that stuff is stuck it's not going anywhere!


More terraforming updates soon. :D

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Great to see some progress on this Martin :) I look forward to being inspired to get back to a layout in 4mm again soon!

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The Nevard strikes again! Full of useful ideas and always happy to share them. I'm going to watch this project. Nice to see the safety specs in one of the pictures as well.

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Expanding foam.... what a simply splendid idea. Quick and simple as far as I can see - as are all the good ideas... squirt squirt.

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Thanks all!


hymek - Yes, you only get one pair of eyes and I wouldn't want to get any of that foam stuck to them!

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  • RMweb Gold

Hi Martin,


In a very old Model Rail the showed how to use Kingspan with Explanding Foam, would you like me to dig the article out? (Excellent idea though)




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Thanks Nick. If you let me know what issue it was in, I've probably got a copy squirrelled away somewhere.

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Your're not bloody wrong, it has been a while.;) Seriously though nice to see some progress. Now that you have been insired you may find you get on a roll and really get stuck in. Hope it all goes well.


Cheers Peter.

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