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400mph on floats...






Apparently, the 22nd of May was the last time I did any modelling (for Calshot anyway). Today I made a start (but didn't get too far) on the construction of the hangar. Because of the tight deadline for the Woodgreen show in May, I was unable to build it properly out of plasticard and so I had to resort to printing off the building as a corrugated texture. I then built the roof and one side roughly out of this paper on the eve of the show!



Now I'm looking to replace it with something more suitable. A couple weeks ago I bought some corrugated asbestos sheeting from the local model shop and today I set to work making a start on the rest of the hangar. The trouble with Wills sheets are that they are very small! Only 13cm x 7.5cm I believe which makes it quite expensive to build a large hangar! I'm debating whether I should use some Slaters sheets for the roof for this reason.


I'm very tempted to eventually have this huge hangar as a fully detailed interior. I can see that this will cost a lot in materials though - the roof trusses are going to be very hard to replicate and bl**dy fiddly I should think!





The other thing I've been building today is the seaplane given to me by the model shop owner. It's a very basic kit and will need some superdetailing (and even detailing if I'm honest!). It did go together well though and suits the location absolutely spot on! I believe the real seaplane won the Schneider Trophy at Calshot.



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Well, if you're going to superdetail the plane (which I assume is a Supermarine S.6B) I'm sure those aviation modelling sites I referred you to a while ago may be a useful resource. I also found the gents on the forums there to be very helpful and knowledgeable, so if things are still the same on there as they used to be years ago you can't go wrong asking for advice there! :yes:



Edit: Have a look here – the model's in 1/48 scale, though: http://hsfeatures.com/features04/s6bbs_1.htm

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Cheers Dominik! You're always a great help on these matters.

Looks like there's a fair bit of detailing to do to this kit. I might actually enjoy it though - I've not really tried it before.

The most noticeable things are the lack of rigging, the lack of holes in the two raised sections by the props.

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I guess you could say that I had been as enthusiastic about aviation modelling at the time as I am about railway modelling nowadays! :laugh: Anyway, glad I could be of help!


I admit I never tackled any biplanes or other aircraft with rigging like that, though. I did consider that 1/32 scale Grumman F3F from Revell at one point, but never did go for it.

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How long were you interested in aviation modelling for? Do you still dabble with it occasionally?

I must admit, as my knowledge is very limited (both of kits and their real life counterparts) it is difficult for me to start such a kit and be confident I'm getting it right. Of course, looking at the prototype and how other modellers have tackled building the kit is a great help, and you soon learnt tips and tricks.

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Oh gee, totally forgot replying here... :blush: I believe I had been into aircraft modelling for about six or seven years, but have totally dropped out of the active part of it, to be honest. However, I don't claim to have ever reached a similar level of expertise as many fellow modellers on those sites I referred you to have.

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