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Fete Fantastic!




Well today as some of you will know was the layouts first outing since early May. I hadn't touched the layout since then and so I had no idea whether it would work or not! However, luckily it did and so I set about making the hangar. Unfortunately I ran out of time and so the back of the hangar was roofless and the front had just a simple bit of textured paper led across it. It didn't look great!

However, I have noticed something - from up high the layout doesn't look particularly special, but as I hope these low level shots prove, from eye level it looks pretty good. I am tempted to make the layout higher but then again I don't want to upset wheelchair users or kids...

Anyway, at the start of the day I wasn't impressed with the look of the layout, however as I started to take some low level photos I realised it was OK, so long as you focused away from the incomplete hangar and poor SG ballasting! Eventually the hangar will be complete, the whole layout tidied up and minor niggles sorted out...

The fete went really well and I got some good feedback from the public. The event was well organised and the sausage bap was absolutely lovely!

On with the photos (I've uploaded them as full-res versions, so just click on them to open up the large versions):





















































































Till next time,



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Hi Jam,

Sorry this is so late but you may have observed that I have been off line for over a week.

Great pictures! I haven't seen Calshot for quite a long time and am once again impressed by you layout.

I haven't previously seen picturess of your Goods shed. It really is very good!. I admired all the pictures. The only down was the base on that tree!

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Hi Don,

Good to see you back.

Thanks for the comment. By the goods shed do you mean the brick building with green sliding doors?

If so that was modified from an earlier building I did but is scratchbuilt.

And yes, I really must get those tree bases sorted out!

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Guest oldlugger


Hello Jam, the layout is looking very promising. I really like the grey warehouse with green doors. You say that the layout doesn't look so good when viewed from above, which is often the case with models; somehow real railways when viewed from a high level seem to flow naturally but their model counterparts often don't. I hope you don't mind me suggesting something here? If it were me I'd work on all the paved track a bit more; to my eye paved track needs to be flush with all rail surfaces as per prototype practice. If you brought up the level of the centre paved area and the outsides this would improve the overall look of the layout a great deal. Many people don't bring the paved level up to the rail surface because of cleaning issues but in my experience it is still easy to clean the track if you are careful. Likewise, if there are check rails in the paved areas try to keep the gaps as minimal as possible; OO gauge can be made to look very fine with care. Then carefully paint all of this with nice realistic road colours and perhaps add a few pot holes and cracks in the tarmac, then weather it all using some reference photos of roads found in industrial areas. Really concentrate on all of the tarmac/paved areas (and heavily ballasted track) lifting it up scenically and you'll really notice the difference. Your layout looks superb as it stands - full of light railway charm - but just needs that extra oomph! I'd also add a lot more rough vegetation over the green areas - something like horsehair (brown and bare, plus dyed dark green with some foliage added), plus bleached/painted carpet under felt and Silflor grass. This layout really deserves to be a cracker and certainly will be...


All the best


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