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Its been a while since I updated the blog, so having restored my mojo with some work on a micro layout I thought it was high time I put some effort into Kingsbridge again.

No station is complete without a platform, and my platform was far from complete! Regular readers will have spotted the rough shape in my last set of photos, made from a laminate of foam board, mounting card and leftover hardboard. In hindsight I should have done a single sheet of 10mm foam board for ease of construction but I had made too much progress to start again.

To begin with I used Dad's cad drawing of Kingsbridge to set the position of the station building. This is slightly out from the prototype as I couldn't quite get the bay platform in the position I wanted with set point radii.

Next I laid the stone flags directly in front of the station building. I take no credit for the use of these tiles from Slaters as I took it from Kris' Avonwick.

These were also used in strips to provide the edging stones. There are still the sloped ends to model.






The edging stones are most visible in this view.







View from the end of the platform, just next to where the name board sat. I won't be modelling this as it was removed for wartime!

I now have to paint the stonework, probably the same way I did the other bits, then I am using very very fine sand to portray the gravel on the ends of the platform. This will sit well in the recess left by the edging stones and once painted will hopefully look right!

The station building will be a plastic shell covered in DAS for the stonework, with scale link etched windows. After recent experience on the micro I will probably light it and put in an interior.


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Good to see that things are still progressing. The DAS for stonework will be interesting to see. Will it go off if you do it in the workshop?

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Great to see the progress on the platforms. They are going to look superb. As per Kris's comments, I can't wait to see the result of the building with DAS stonework.

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Am working up to it, If I do any clay in the workshop it dries really fast- its a big concrete oven in essence! Hopefully it will work, I am thinking a double skin, thick inner skin for strength with rough window apertures and then a thin outer with very precise cut outs for windows. The scale link ones look really nice and I want them visibly straight.

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