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Eye Eye Capstan!

Chris Nevard




nevard_110731_BQ_IMG_0662_WEB, a photo by nevardmedia on Flickr.



With Model Rail Live pending 17 & 18 September 2011, attention has gone back to Brewhouse Quay to get it ready with a little extra detail and such, and for once I'm not in a dreadful rush to complete this project in time.


The shot above which has a big nod to the late great micro layout genius Carl Arendt illustrates the bedding in of the base and capstan for rope shunting using a smudge of Das modelling clay and a spot of Super Glue.


The capstan manufactured from turned brass, was purchased from the very useful Cornwall Model Boats and is lurking here in primer with a plastic card base. It of course will be painted before some clever dick who has a mother with 'lovely hands' tells me it's the wrong colour.


The capstan is to aid rope shunting, which was one of the various ways that wagons were moved around in small yards like this - see this old post for more info on rope shunting and wagon turntables.


You'll be able to read more about Brewhouse Quay with a plethora of unpublished photos in Model Rail very shortly.

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I've seen working wagon turntable used in conjuction with a non working walking horse on 2mm layouts.

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Have you thought about putting another capstan behind the doors, in front of that overscale and frankly unconvincing eyeball*, so you could use a loco to pull the wagons offstage by using both capstans together as well as onstage?





*Attempt at humour.

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I haven't seen capstans used in a railway context, but they are used on our local canal, when I lived in London, for a similar purpose. They are used to allow a tractor to pull a barge out of a dock on the opposite bank from the tractor.


I my opinion the capstan is the correct size, bearing in mind that if the chain or cable comes up an not in contact with the capstan the whiplash will cause savagery injuries to anyone standing in the vicinity.



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Lisa - that's just showing off :rolleyes:

Good idea Paul - but the chain would have to be just under 2 ft long and it would be pain trying to get down between the buildings to loop the darn thing around. I aim to simply grab it with a rod from the rear when going for wagon-rear-exit (through the doors there's an imaginery bottling plant with a winch) called Chris.

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