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An angle of BQ you won't normally see

Chris Nevard




nevard_110821_BQ_IMG_0923_WEB, a photo by nevardmedia on Flickr.


Here's an angle you won't normally be able to see unless you peer over the end of Brewhouse Quay behind the lighting rig. From this angle, the track layout can be observed to full effect including the wagon turntable which links to a siding that runs out right through the backscene to the other side to allow a little fun swapping wagons around.


Very shortly, the line in the centre foreground will be extended towards the photographer's groin, between 2 buildings out of shot and through the backscene to another small fiddle yard which has yet to be constructed.

The 2 lines that disappear behind the brewery buildings run through to a hidden sector plate which links to further sidings behind the backscene.


Hopefully all the above will provide a margin of excitement and entertainment that will keep the poor operator amused for maybe 4 or 5 minutes before going terminally mad from the shear boredom of pushing wagons to and fro in a random manner. Clever people would think of some kind of shunting puzzle to make some purpose, but with most viewers only watching a layout for a couple of minutes maximum (the gold fish bowl theory), and operational-apathy on behalf of muggins here, such excessive organisational indulgence could be wasted?

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You have a great eye for the overall composition of a scene. I love the flow of track and buildings, and the way they lead my attention around the layout.


Is this taken with the layout's lighting rig? I was trying to figure out why the chimney casts a soft shadow with a hard top, and then thought it might be from a line source like a fluorescent tube?

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It's the layout's own built in flu-lighting. The shadow isn't really a problem when viewing from the front. I tried moving the chimney away from the backscene but it didn't work visually.

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What's happening at the top of the chimney? Is it a bit of vegetation or a steeplejack?



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How do you get your photograph to appear on the blog entry preview listing?



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The bit of veg coming out the top of the chimney is after looking at old photos of real chimneys that have such sprouting. I quite fancy adding some birdlife next.


These posts with pics are direct cut and paste jobs of my proper blog at http://nevardmedia.blogspot.com/

The pics are hosted on my Flickr site http://www.flickr.co...os/nevardmedia/

Flickr allows one to post a photo to my Blogger account direct with just the click of a button. A doddle!

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