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Here we go, 1980s layout under construction.




I thought i'd join in and document my slow voyage from OO train set to model.

This is going to be a slow evolution so bear with me.

So starting with a Hornby train set picked up from Argos Clearance for £40 and bits and bobs from my childhood trainsets left at my Dad's.

The plan is to enable my daughter Ruby and I to run all my old stock from when i was a kid, plus what ever else i pick up along the way.

Then in time it will become a more serious model based around the late 1980's (the time i was at secondary school) located somewhere in the south west as i seem to have locos from that area.

I want it to be able to run

  • MoD trains to and from Salisbury Plain/Marchwood with my vans.
  • the 50s from Waterloo and Paddington with my mk2 coaches
  • 33s on Wales runs with the mk2 coaches
  • 56 or 33 with the Yeoman PGAs
  • oil trains with the TTAs
  • engineers trains
  • a HST now and again.

Prototype locations in the south west are being looked at that will allow a small yard for shunting as I have loads of wagons and very few coaches though I am looking at getting a few more.

A layout name has yet to be chosen, so as this is not worthy of it's own layout thread, updates will randomly appear here.

All stock to be weathered and modified in time starting with the wagons. Renumbering of duplicate stock is also planned.


So as it stands this is a box opening layout for fun.

sorry if this upsets anyone.

photo quality so far not brilliant either.

please feel free to chip in with help and advice for improvement.



thanks for looking.

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