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to track plan or not? improving the trainset.



Now as the trainset came with a trakmat included i've been using this on the floor for the few times the train has made it out of the box.

I have plenty of old rusty track and a few old points left over from childhood plus the new track from the set.

Trouble is i don't have enough track to do anything good at the moment so have been playing at different layouts each time i set up.

basically just trying to lay enough track to make sidings for the wagons and single coach.

now wondering if to just follow the track mat plan for now to get the hang of it all again.

i've been doing this on and off since i can remember, even whilst at college in the late 80's.

This is the era i want to model as most of my stock was bought around that time when i had a disposable income and I spent many an hour watching trains pass whilst sat in a BRUTE.

No point in wasting all that money is there?

any way back to the point.

think that i'll slowly replace the battered track with new and keep the old rusty stuff just for a yard off the loop.

first off though must get some 9mm ply to glue it all to.




some of the old rusty track being used for sidings.

once happy with results new grownup layout to be planned properly.


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Are you going to run a 6x4 Board and build the layout on that? If so I highyly recomend a Tunnel on one side. It opens the layout up to have an industrial area at the location the sidings are and makes the buildings feel less cramped.


Model Railroad Hobbyist is a free online magazine. Well worth a read as well.

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this is not the R8217 Trakmat so think it is smaller than 1800x1200mm

never actually measured it to tell the truth.

it may well end up with a tunnel on it somewhere as my six year old daughter keeps asking for one

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