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electricary, how do i do it? Help



now thing that's bothering me is how to wire this up.
at the moment it is simple, loop with one Dc controler.
When I add the inner loop i'll need a second controller, no problem.
insulate at the points where the loops meet and run 2 trains no problems.
the sidings off to the shed and where i want to put a fuel point are my problem.

a third controller?

how to do it?


last time i did this was with Zero 1 so have rough idea what to do for DCC so will probaly wire for this for when i take the plunge and convert to new chips

in the interim need to figure out point motors and make a plan on how to do these, all ideas gratefully received.

Also I'm unsure about things like wire gauge and what cable to use.
What is the best wire to use?

multi strand?

solid core?

With loops I don’t need a bus ?


must get some better pictures to show what i'm trying to do.

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There is a wealth of information on here on how to wire points. Best practice DC is best practice DCC. Correctly done a point can be set up so that there is No chance of a train ever running into one and shorting. As far as point motors go I lean towards motor driven ones vs the solenoid + cdu style.


With Kind Regards



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Go with good large cross section to avoid voltage drop, also it should mean it will handle larger current if you go down the DCC route.

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Model railway circuits are quite simple it is just there are a lot of them. Note what is being connected to what and test out the connections as you go. Wiring it all up and the appling power to see if it works means you have no iidea where to start if it doesn't work.  A decent multimeter is well worthwhile.



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