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to weather or not to weather?



blog-0088755001329856206.jpgthose of you who follow my ramblings and have looked at my poor photography in my galleries will have noticed that some of my old wagons have a really crude attempt at weathering, mostly done one bored day as a child in school holidays.

now the question is should i attempt to tidy these wagons up and see if i can make them look a little better or just leave them as they are and not worry?

if i want to clean them up wondering what would be best to use?

sand paper has cleaned up the worst of the mess on the TTAs and made them less shiny as a bonus


any way i'm going to get some Fox transfers for the TTAs to make them look better as the ones i used on my Yeoman PGA wagons were good way back in 1988 when i did those so they can get my business again :)

Just need to check up on where all the transfers go on a TTA now.


I added the transfers to the PGAs without any photographs, just using memory and a Lima example for guidance so they may not be 100% but then neither is the model!!



and the other wagons need some dirt too as they are far too shiny and need to look more like this!


so here is my attempt at my OAA and a VEA using some grey paint i mixed up myself to change the colour of the planks.

I've tried to fade the red a little also.


Also added some general muck and rust.



these two wagons have now gone back over to my Dad's as they don't fit with my era or the area I'm modelling.



they were 2 of the first wagons I tried to weather.


moved onto the Seacow now.


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just be careful of the shell decal as that may come off with too much rubbing. The yellow plastic that makes up the tank should be fine.

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no idea what i used, it was 20+ years ago!

i'll try a very small bit of acetone and see how i get on

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On 14/01/2013 at 22:31, Shed said:

weathering comeing along nicely

Getting better with practice.

less is more

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