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Top of the Pops



Evening Pop Pickers.

In amongst the box of goodies i have brought back from my Dad's loft is a Hornby HST power car that has had an indentity change.

it's not the best job in the world, in fact it looks battered, but it is carrying a cast name plate Top of the Pops and is numbered 43002.

I have several 43010s so decided to change it, but as the InterWeb was not around and I didn't have a picture to work from i guessed about the nameplate and have since found out I guessed wrong :(


In time the nameplate can be moved.

there is also my detailed 47490 Bristol Bath Road and so far unmodified 50043 Eagle both in large logo.

not to mention 47378 in original Railfreight grey.

and there was I thinking that i had BR blue locos hidden away!

there are also 2 damaged Hornby 47 bodies in the box as well that may be repairable??

i'll attempt to take a couple of decent pictures and add them to my gallery.

also picked up a few more of my wagons that have been made dirty by the use of dirty paint flicked from a brush as they ran past!

as a kid i used to read Dad's Railway Modeller and see weathering mentioned but never fully got the jist so made up my own way of doing it with varying results that may have to be attended to! :unsure:

there is also an Airfix class 31401 in BR blue that needs attention


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