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Ideas (above / below / behind) ones station...



Update - Good evening and a quick outline of progress to date.


The layout is now running again and bar a few minor tweaks the rolling stock seems to behave itself...this evening, in between what I am about to describe below, I was running the Dapol RR 156 in and out of the station to relieve boredom from cutting plasticard...simple pleasures in life but then the layout is now doing what I originally wanted of it.


Firstly a big thank you to Andy (aka BackwaterScotland) for not only reproviding his drawing for Kyle station, but also letting me have another copy of all his Kyle photos which I previously had until I dropped my portable hard disk :angry: Many thanks again Andy, who is also making Kyle...in 4mm scale...in 4 feet...check out his blog


Whilst Andy's drawing is indeed helpful, I decided to set up a new one as my version of the station is an extract and probably 60% of the length of the real station as I try to capture the essence of Kyle in this model. I set it up in Microstation and once printed it looked something like this...




The scale drawing as printed in colour as black was losing some line quality...


A quick and dirty version was then pasted onto the mock up to see what I was about to take on. I know the roof profile of the drawing doesn't match but I was just seeing how the chimney stacks would look in half relief...




Station will be modelled in half relief...


From this template, I began to cut out the openings and to give the impression of the horizontal planking I have decided to use the evergreen sheeting which I have used on the CJ-M clay buildings. One thing I had forgotten is that the material is quite thick to cut...and I soon began to question its suitability for this...




Evergreen 1mm metal siding sheet...


As an aside, I picked up this rathy nifty mini tripod this weekend...for about €6...as my Velbon one has broke. Overall, it seems fine for the money, although I had forgotten my mini Canon Powershot has the tripod screw on the bottom left edge which means the camera balances slightly uneasy on it :rolleyes:




That said, its a nifty bit of kit...


Whilst thinking of the construction of the station building I have been pondering how to create the bottom continuous horizontal sill/dado which runs around the perimeter and this led to a new idea for constructing the station walls. Rather than try and cut out small apertures from a 1mm thick piece of profiled styrene, I could use a thinner piece to form the apertures and then apply the horizontal planling sheet in vertcial strips above and below the sill/dado which will be a piece of 40 though strip applied separately...stay with me on this :D...I did a small mock up to try it out before embarking on it...




Here we see the horizontal planking has been applied above and below the 40 though sill/dado...


It looks a bit flat in plan, but when in the verticall plane it looks something like this...




Which is just the effect I am hoping to try and achieve... a little horizontal relief to break up the facade...


So with this in mind, I set about cutting the openings from a thinner sheet of plasticard. Tomorrow evening, I hope to start applying the horizontal cladding which i hope will be a little clearer when I have completed a few bays.




The basic openings have been formed...


More to follow when it materialises...need to think how I am going to do the windows...probably won't be etches...might do the white scribed paint on perspex or the thin tape application...decisions decisions...


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I suppose you'll have to tighten the screw on the tripod quite tight... I've the same problem with my G2 (yes that old)... normally works though. The construction looks interestign Pete... glad to see the progress.

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Now this will be something very interesting to follow, keep up the good work Pete!

Thanks Bryn...hopefully, after tonight, something to show with a little more substance...


I suppose you'll have to tighten the screw on the tripod quite tight... I've the same problem with my G2 (yes that old)... normally works though. The construction looks interestign Pete... glad to see the progress.


Thanks also Jon...It does seem to be the bring the camera up to the same height as an IKEA Lack shelf...so low level shots are now possible without using a stack of CD's!...

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