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Penguins & Pillboxes

Chris Nevard




111119_polbrock_IMG_1960-web, a photo by nevardmedia on Flickr.


Mr & Mrs Penguin ponder on whether they should go in to The Pedant & Armchair public house next to the halt at Polbrock.


Deep down in the mystical country of Kernow all sorts of strange creatures are know to exist, everything from druids and dragons through to the well known but elusive Beast of Bodmin Moor.


The Pedant & Armchair public house was known to attract all sorts of strange creatures, many with thick unfashionable NHS glasses and rucksacks who were interested in trains, Star Trek and the inner workings of personal computers. Mr & Mrs Penguin where no exception having travelled all the way from the southern tip of Argentina to sample the delights of the Penguin Porter sold exclusively at this pub whilst enjoying a discussion about mother boards or the delights of travelling behind a Brush Type 4 in a British Rail Mk2F carriage.


In reality this is Polbrock my latest tiny micro, it's not even in Cornwall but on my dining room table 25 miles south of the smoke. My wife collects miniature penguins, with this duo being rather interesting; the left hand one is Murano glass and is well under an inch high, the one to the right was carved from wood by an ex-prisoner of war somewhere around Stafford well over 60 years ago. I'll find out more because it's an interesting tale, with this probably being the only ever photograph taken of this delightful little chap who will almost certainly have outlived his creator.


Whilst on the theme of WW2, you'll notice the pillbox that has appeared since the last update, it being the well known Wills kit that appears on every OO gauge club layout in the UK. I'm not sure such a structure would be so close to housing, but it fulfills the need to place something on on the far side of the line are part of the necessary scenic block. And anyway it's been kicking about in my kits-to-be-done box for 5 years so was well overdue.


To please Daily Mail and metallic-support-stocking-beige Rover owners, this little scene has been shot against a sheet of pale blue card rather than having a backscene Photoshopped in. I'm possibly starting to favour the idea of a curved pale blue backscene maybe with a simple water colour over a home-grown photographic one - the jury is still out.

  • Find out more about Polbrock here.



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Guest oldlugger


As a pseudo pedant, I'd say that the penguins are more suited to 7mm. Also, are penguins native to Cornwall?

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Chris, theres quite a few o they boxes in Cornwall at or near stations, halts or the railway in general, you just need to look for them.


Theres a gurt big un, right on the entrance to Bodmin Parkway but its now totally over grown.


I only found it as I had been stood at the scene of a prang there (we get lots) and sneaked into the bushes for a jimmy and hey presto!


One pill box.


Looking goood there, looking good!

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Looks great!


Maybe a 'Dean Goods' or a ROD 2-6-0 and a rail mounted howitzer could be caught on a secret military manoeuvres passing through Polbrock - which is after-all the last line of defence for Cornwall isn't it? The crew most likely would be stopping for a 'beverage' in the Pedant & Armchair afterall.



~ G

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<pedant> Dear Mr. Nevard, I quote. "Mr & Mrs Penguin ponder on whether they should go in to The Pedant & Armchair public house next to the halt at Polbrock." It was "The Armchair & Pedant" the other day. Please make your mind up or pay more attention to you typing.

Yours etc Mr, P. Edant <pedant>

Oooh! Your leaving yourself wide open there Chris. Some will say that type of pillbox was never used in Cornwall.

Regards, Mark

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Does it have to be a Rover 400? The local demographic seem to be happiest in anything with a plaid rug and embroidered cushions on the back seat.


Tim (VW Beetle Cabrio)

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They are not curtins stru, but the concreat arround the openings was shaped to allow the machine gun to be able to turn through 90 degrees.

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Certainly no problem, pedantic or otherwise, about siting a pillbox close to a previous building. Some (pillboxes that is) were incorporated into an existing house, others became disguised as a house. One rather magnificent non-standard pillbox in Yeovil, immediately in front of a house, has been demolished in the last 2/3 years to permit landscaping the front garden in suburban style.



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  • RMweb Gold

What kind of a public house has a black tie dresscode? Or is that a new EU regulation?

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