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Mr Pilcher's finest

Red Devil


Very little modelling time at the moment, so a long time since an update and it's not really that much of one either!


The CAD shown in the previous entry has been worked on and is nearing completion, several tweaks to do yet but here's some more pics.












Mr Pilcher's finest? No it's not Mr Pilcher the forum member, it's R.S. Pilcher who was General Manager of the Manchester Corporation Transport Dept in the 1930s and the tram shown was his 'Pullman' car, which became better known as a Pilcher, these were withdrawn from service in Manchester prior to tramway abandonment and offered for sale, they ended up in Leeds, Sunderland, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.


And now for something completely different, one 3d CAD project currently being worked on (very early doors as yet so no pics) is a Manchester, Glossop and Hadfield 3 car 506 EMU! I don't think that'll be featured in this blog though, maybe somewhere else on here.

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