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New Sign for the Pedant & Armchair

Chris Nevard



111205_polbrock_IMG_2125_WEB, a photo by nevardmedia on Flickr.


The Pedant &Armchair is now fully open and is complete with appropriate signage on the front. The nearby railway also has warnings to warn of its presence, but of the course the clientele would never dream of wandering onto the line because they almost certainly read government health and safety guides before going to bed. They are also unlikely to be drunk, 'mother' would never allow it.


I just need to think of a suitable name for the licensee to post above the door, thoughts?


Thanks to Troels Kirk for the inspiration.

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I'd have been tempted to name it "The Pedent and Armchair" just to for the full wind up, as for the licensee the best I can come up with is Noah Tall.

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How about 'Arnold R Sole' or going by your current profile photo, how about the 'Real Ale Tw*ts' get their own establishment? Tere are a colossal range of Viz characters that could preside over the premises, there is a fabulous list of them here, read, chortle and enjoy!



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I. Knowitall licensed to sell spirits and dampen them!


Having followed all five chapters on the Coast Line I'm looking forward to a pal version of the DVD, hopefully soon ;) in the theme of the pub name Troels responses to the initial concerns about using standard OO track were quite apt, he just wasn't worried when some seemed to infer his couldn't be a serious model and now how many would spot it?


Aren't you just a tiny bit tempted to extend Polbrook just a little bit to take that out onto the circuit just to see who first says "you wouldn't find a pub like that there" :)

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Guest Natalie Graham


I found this chap researching pub names on the internet. He couldn't find one called the Pedant and Armchair. He said he would ask you about it next time he sees you at a show.


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Pub names can be dangerous subjects. I've named my pub by Egdon Heath station "The Quiet Woman Inn". I got into awful trouble from household authorities until I ponted out the name of the hostelry situated in the middle of Egdon Heath of Hardy's novel.

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Natalie - I'm sure I've seen the above chap at various shows and possibly beer festivals. The types do very much intermix. I wonder how he charges up the laptop?


Lots of good names for the licensee to choose from, and even better now I've managed to coax the inkjet printer into working again. Rule number one, never use third party inks if you want the machine to recognise the cartridges!

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I understand that the brewery have received two applications for the tenancy of the Pedant and Armchair:-

Frsrt from an ex-GI army batman who has married a local girl. He is proud of his given name of Abraham, but can't stop people using his nick-name, so applies as Chuck A Smellie.


Second an ex-Italian POW anxious to stay in the UK and his love of railways attracts him to this business opportunity. concious of his standing in his native country, he is Count Rivetts.

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I believe the good count has returned to his native land, longing for the warmer climes of Italy after the cold (shoulder?) of the UK.

He has been replaced by a local bon viveur called Bartholemew Oscar Likely.

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