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Another class 33 joins the fleet



blog-0523310001327939385.jpgjust before Xmas 2011 i visited Trains4U for a look round and to get my present.

came away with the 2 BR Bedford trucks by Hornby Scale Autos and a second hand Lima class 33 with some detailing on it.

the loco is pre TOPS numbered so is going to need a number change but apart from that and the roof detail coming away with the selotape used for the price label and a missing wiper at one end, it is in good condition. :)

there is buffer beam detail with snow ploughs and a driver in one end, and it runs well managing to pull 21 wagons the other day.

Now I just need to check what 6550 became under TOPS and change the number and make sure that it carried mini ploughs as this loco.

still not much modelling done over the holiday as the house has had priority, but like BR "We're getting there".

plans for the unmoddified 33 are to bring it up to standard using the £20 project in the magazine recently.



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