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Rolling stock waiting for the workbench



blog-0583427001334778479.jpgRolling stock so far available:

  • 31401
  • Class 33 numbers 6550 and 33055 (both bought recently second hand)
  • 43125, 43010 and 43002 Top of the Pops
  • 47378 and 47490 Bristol Bath Road
  • 50043 Eagle
  • 56086
  • and a Hymeck

the picture shows 47490, 6550, 33055 and 50043

the left hand two of the four have been modified and detailed with the other two awaiting their turn.


With more to appear when liberated from Dad's loft!

A large collection of various wagons and coaches fills what little siding space there is.

Working on a track plan for the TMD but must have a shed and fuel point with room for 6 locos to park.

liking the look of Orchard Road and Deeping Lane Depot and would hope to reach that level one day.


Source: my layout, Ruby Road.


I will add an individual blog entry for each loco as it gets worked on in time.

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