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50's in the 80's

Chris Nevard



8405_barford_50020_p, a photo by nevardmedia on Flickr.


50020 powers through Barford St Martin a few miles west of Salisbury with a Waterloo bound service during a rather splendid April day in 1984.


It's incredible just how the railways have changed over just a couple of decades, for back in the 1980's the majority of long distance trains were loco-hauled. As a photography student in Salisbury during the mid-1980's, this meant that I was perfectly positioned to capture English Electric Class 50's on the Waterloo to Exeter service weather permitting.


Luckily though, it is still possible to travel behind one of these powerful locos from time to time on the main line, albeit as stuffed tigers, but they do occasionally get hired out to TOCs for use on normal service trains from time to time.


For a whole load more Class 50 photos like the above follow this link



And if you'd like to see some Class 33's follow this link

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Chris, I think that's 50010 - the roof looks blue to me and 10 was the only one painted like that. Cracking picture, it's made me go all nostalgic!

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If it is it has the wrong number painted on it. You can make out 50020 from the photo.




I've looked again at the original on a better screen and have changed my mind. I agree with Pugsley and TomE: it's 50010

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It is a lovely shot... and has opened the link to the rest of your collections which are fabulous to browse; I added you as a contact on flickr, hope you don't mind. Your photos are superb (as of course we already know)... but it's nice to see them together and to realise that you have them all on there.

Thanks for posting and sharing... and yes, right place, right time!


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Looking at the full res photo, I'm going to say its 50010. There doesn't seem to be enough space between the 3rd & 5th 0s (no 0s jokes!) for there to be a 2. Plus to me the roof looks blue!



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