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Carriage Shed Painted



Well I got time this week to paint up the shed, here are the results with a brief pictorial stroll through the process.

Having started with a black undercoat I put some rust tones randomly across the roof, looking at the pictures from the 50's.




There are 2 brown shades and a dark metallic in there. I wanted some faint rust visible through the grey base.




The base grey was put on with a heavy drybrush.




After 2 lightening tones on the grey I put more careful rust marks onto the roof, following the bits visible in the pics.




To blend them in a further 2 coats of grey were lightly dry brushed over the top.




The sides were highlighted in grey, again with dry brush technique.




Mud was added to the bottom, as the shed was next to the running lines.




A black wash was put on, here still wet, to tone down the chalky look of the grey, deliberately streaked to blend in the muck layer.




The finished item ready for varnish and then fixing to the layout, when I get the point controls, ballast and tidying finished.....

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  • RMweb Gold

Great pictorial demo, thanks for taking the time to document it. I really like how it looks weathered by time, but not actually poorly maintained.

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