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Starting the Scenery




Now that the electrics are finished:D I can start on the scenery for Hatton.


The large LEDs are a temporary signal - the scale ones are far too delicate to be installed yet.


The foam is Knauf Space Board and the second layer will lift off to give access to the tracks below. I need to build a Scalescenes tunnel mouth and then trim the foam back to suit. The backsecene board is foamcore. To make it bend cut a vertical line on the back every half-inch or so and then break the foam along the line. The backscene will be one of my customary iD products from International Models.





Should I leave it as a hillside or have a factory perched on top?


The train is about to go over a canal and then past a car park on one side and industrial units on the other, followed by the station and then the town.


What does everyone think?


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Looking good Ian, I'd leave the hillside "wild", that group of buildings looks too cramped in my eyes.



What backscene will you use, one of the Into the Town series?



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Looks reall good! I'm not sure, maybe keep some builsings up there, but like has allready been said i too think it looks slightly cramped up there!


liking your progress here! :)



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I have to concur with the previous two answers. Considering the rest of the layout is quite urban, it would be nice to see the trains head off into the country. Perhaps a farm building or two could add interest in that corner?


I have to say, the model is looking great so far. Rather you than me with the signals though... I find it hard enough powering the track let alone figuring them out! Best of luck with them, I'll be following with interest.?

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Powering the signals is easy. It's building the little blighters that is the challenge.


I am using modules from Heathcote Electronics which only need you to connect up four wires to the signal, two power wires, one wire to connect to the previous signal, one wire to the next signal and an optional wire to hold the signal at red. There is a built in IR detector that monitors passing trains and the signals work without manual intervention. Clever stuff icon_thumbsup2.gif

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