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It was only a matter of time...

Ian Holmes



It had to happen. Didn't it?

There I was happily messing around with my iPad sketching out ideas for APA Box layouts and I had to go and test fit the Purfleet Quay idea into in APA box and see if it would fit.

In P4.

Now I happen to have quite a bit of P4 stuff tucked away in a bag ready for when I start the project that keeps on getting aborted, so a test fit was not difficult A class 08, some Bachmann 16T mineral wagons and Parkside box vans all running P4 wheelsets, five yards of track (assembled) and some P4 track Company pointwork. All just waiting for that project to start.

But there's always something that gets in the way. Last time round it was couplings and buffers. You know, the sort of thing that you modelllers located in the UK take for granted.

"Ooh, I haven't got any 3-links to finish this kit off. I'll just nip down to the hobby shop to get some."

My local hobby shop hasn't even heard of 3 link couplings let alone stock them. Having small things like these shipped to the US is kind of awkward too. They don't cost all that much but with the shipping and exchange rate thirty quids worth of three links and buffers is soon costing you about $50! So tiny stuff like that has to wait for me to come back to England for a visit so I can pop into Dave Hewins in Grimsby or B&H Models in Lincoln.

Which I to be doing in a couple of weeks!

Now there's a co-incidence..

So you'd think that returning home from the UK all stocked up with 4mm bits and bobs I'll be building the P4 APA box layout. But not so fast. Even though I have laots of handily pre cut strips of 3/8" ply available to construct the quayside to drop into the APA box just like that. Said wood is actually trapped behind my MGB wich is stored for the winter and the wood can actually be glimpsed behind the car here in this photograph.

So something else gets in the way of my P4 project again...

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Oh, Ian, procrastination again. You built Wingetts in 7 days. As a UK version in P4 would require you to build rather then buy two points, I'd say you could polish it off in 14 days. Problem solved.

Good luck!



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