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Bristol Barrow Road - Point Motor mounting



Having decided to use the new Cobalt digital point motors with the Brian Morgan TOUs I thought a few photos would be in order to explain how I have decided to fix them to the underside of the baseboards.


The Cobalt motors are attached using M3 screws fixed into M3 Rivet Nuts, positioned in the baseboards using the rivetting tool shown in the photos.

The position of the 4 holes is marked using a home made jig, whilst the hole for each TOU has been cut out using the Bosch multitool.








Jig for marking position for rivet nuts.




Rivet tool




Three ready for motors




Bosch multitool with plunge blade attached




Cobalt Digital in place

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That's very interesting. Is the rivet gun from the same source as the rivets?

I can see loads of potential uses for the Bosch multi tool too...

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A timely article as I have just purchased 'Cobalts' for 'Ambridge'. I've not heard of the TOU's you mentioned tho. Could we have more details? Also, (although I suspect I know the answer) - what were your thoughts about rivets v screws?

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The TOUs used are from Brian Morgan etches see my blog http://www.rmweb.co....-for-pointwork/The whole idea of using bolts and the rivets is to enable easy removal and replacement of the Cobalt units as and when necessary.Regards,Robin


Robin -

Many thanks for the quick reply - looks like I'll have to join the S4 Society! The TOU's look really neat - probably the best design I've seen. I also need to buy a rivet gun & slitting saw!


The other good idea on the link was the use of black card to minimise adhesive contact. One of those 'Cor I wish I'd thought of that' moments...





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