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ABS 5 Plank Wagon - Part 2



Well, after a false start when it all went together crooked I dumped it in boiling water and started again. This time I ignored the instructions and built the body box up first using my nice magnetic corner jigs then fixed the soleplates/W irons on after.




I'm just waiting for some more parts from ABS, mainly the side door bottom planks to make the sackbarrow bottoms and then it's time to start painting.


Thanks to Adrian at ABS for his help and all the guidance and advice offered on the forum to help this wagon numpty make something that reasonably resembles a wagon :lol:


Lets wait for the first armchair pedant to point out at a future show that as this is a diagram O.23 wagon it couldn't possibly be seen on a heritage railway .......




Bit of fiddling at lunchtime today whilst waiting for the parts from ABS. I've painted the buffers, couplings and floor. The floor will not be fitted in place until the body is painted, that will give me better access to the underframe and easier masking of the wheels.




I think this will be painted in BR spec, so grey body, black underframe etc and white numbers on black patches. I have some black patch transfer left over from the Parkside TOAD, so that's nice.

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Never mind the pedants! If like me you will learn to take what they say with a pinch of salt!


It looks great from where I am sitting (In my armchair would you believe!)


I always think that if it LOOKS right then it IS RIGHT, and this one looks RIGHT to me.




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