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Detailing & weathering Hornby TTA tanks.





I'm playing about with weathering so I've been looking at pictures/info on Shell TTAs.

i have several Horby versions in different liveries but want to know more about when the liveries changed and what information panels etc i need to add?

When did the stars stop being used and what did they mean?

I'm thinking that the FOX transfers are probably the best bet, but have no good picture of what goes where on a Shell tank.

I do have a newer Hornby TTA in black that I'm going to use as a guide.

I don't think Shell TTAs were ever really all yellow, but I don't mind about that too much.

i've 4 all yellow and 2 in grey with the newest in black as can be seen in the photo.

The bad weathering was applied as a youth and will be sorted out.

all help gratefully received and pictures to follow of my progress.

Source: oil tanks help?



From This



to this


with red sole bar


then to this hopefully improved version??



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