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Lima Class 50 Eagle refurbishment.



blog-0095550001334509720.jpgI keep looking at my Lima 50043 and thinking I need to sort the front end out.

For a start the multiple working gear and ETH needs painting orange, but what shade should it be?

I have a couple of Craftsman Models headlamps in my bits box as i'm sure it should have them fitted if in large logo?

also the headcode box would have marker lights by this time so the Craftsman Models panels are being used and some Jackson Evans metal nameplates will make it look a whole lot better too.

I also like the idea of a new roof fan so having never attempted this before is it easy to do with limited modelling skills or am i best to just forget it for now?

not going the whole hog and swapping the bogies but just trying to tidy up a dated model that looks too much like a toy.


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