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Warren Shephard O Gauge Sentinel



As the ABS Wagon is done and now to something to pull it. I bought a Lima diesel shunter cheaply off the forum some time ago, so it has donated it's chassis to the project.


Here's what you get with the kit, basically two sheets of etches, although I bought some buffers for it at the same time






As Fourgig is supposed to be a heritage railway I wanted to model a preserved Sentinel and GWR #2 "Isebrook" was an obvious choice. Here's the first problem with the kit - Isebrook has the grilles at the front but not to the sides. The kit provides two options, all grilles or none.


I used the grilled etch to mark out the two front holes on the solid etch and then openings were cut and filed to shape




I then used some .7mm brass wire to fashion the raised edge to the openings, filing the tops flat once soldered in place. The grilles were then soldered from behind




Next step is to form the etch into the curved ends and then see if it fits the soleplate :lol:

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