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O Gauge Sentinel #4



So another lunchtime passes and the basic superstructure of the Sentinel is done






I've also fitted the Lima drive unit to two new 6BA nuts soldered to the floor of the loco, here's the good old ringfield with all the supression gubbins removed as this will be DCC controlled. Note big red spacers cyano'd to the chassis




Ride height is about right methinks, I've set it to the buffer height of a Parkside TOAD brakevan and also scaled off an old photo of Isebrook, both came out at the same measurement, so that's nice :)


Next is the underfame. I think I'll chop the Lima jobbie for now and fit it, but I have been seeking more accurate, or even slightly accurate alternatives. Meteor Models have quoted me 25 quid for a set of axleboxes, springs and sandboxes. I'm also waiting on ABS as they have Sentinel axleboxes listed.


can't see me not doing a better representation of the Sentinel underpinnings TBH




Order placed with Meteor Models for lots of lovely whitemetal bits, should arrive tomorrow :)


In the meantime, handrails and steps have been added and the Lima underframe cut down so it fits.




Kinda looks like a tram engine now :lol: But to be honest, if I wasn't so fussy and knocked up a chimney and filler from bits of scrap etc then this loco would stand at £56.50 and that's without selling on the diesel body.

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