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O Gauge Sentinel #5



Well, the castings from Meteor arrived as promised and mighty fine they are too. I ended up with quite a few spare bits including 5(!) buffers, a round chimney, a cast roof vent and what I think is the internal chimney.


Some modifications were needed to fit the model though. 5mm was removed from the height of the filler and the driveshafts tie bars had to be lengthened - I guess the Lima chassis has a wider wheelbase than a prototypical Sentinel. Here's how I did this:


First I cut off the shaft at the opposite end to the axlebox and drilled the central casting 1.1mm. I then stripped a short length off some 1mm house wiring cable and then cut a further small section of insulation to match the boss on the removed driveshaft tie bar. The wire was soldered into the drilled hole. Once fitted to the loco the insulation was cyano'd to the axlebox to represent the boss.




Here's the loco as it stands at the moment




I need to add the guard irons and the vac pipes The roof needs detailing as well. I am also contemplating getting some Archers rivet transfers - so much for a budget build!

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They're not drive shafts, they are tie bars that constrain the lengthways movement of the axleboxes. If I understand correctly, they are also used to tension the drive chain by moving the axle. So, effectively, you have done the right thing with them.


It's now looking really good, but I'm not sure about the type of buffers you are using. I don't recall seeing a Sentinel with anythin other than a simple plain buffer housing.



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Thanks for the clarification on the tie bars, I had thought they were too weedy to be driveshafts! Yes, if I were starting again the buffers would not be LNER pattern. They were supplied by Warren Shephard with the kit. I do have some plain whitemetal ones that came with the bits from Meteor, but I'd rather stick with the LNER sprung ones.

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